Hello, and welcome! We are excited to share our Fresh Perspectives blog with you. We’ll deliver insight and a fresh perspective on an array of marketing topics. You’ll see more than just digital marketing here because we know that it’s important for us as marketers to understand how digital marketing integrates into the bigger picture. Beyond marketing, we will also tie our topics into optimizing your sales process and overall business strategy.

First and foremost, we wanted to take a moment to say “Hey!” and introduce ourselves. Fresh Digital Marketing was founded and launched by Jamie Malone and Erin Minsart. Our story goes back to 2010 when we attended Concordia University together in pursuit of our MBA degrees. Often found partnered up for projects and seated next to each other, we always were drawn to the way our skill-sets and ways of thinking complemented each other perfectly. Even our mentor, Al Lautenslager (author of the award-winning Guerrilla Marketing series), saw the potential in our partnership.

Fast forward to now, and here we are! We value relationships and when you engage with Fresh Digital (as you’ll hear us call it) you can expect an informative and pleasant experience. Even our namesake comes from our commitment to delivering the freshest skills, knowledge and products. Our industry moves fast, and we are here to keep you up to speed! Now that you know a little bit about our roots and our story, learn more about your marketing super duo.

Meet Jamie Malone

“Fierce. Resourceful. Real.” Those are the first words you’ll read over in my bio because they describe me well, in both the opinions of my clients and myself. Back before digital marketing was “a thing” I connected organically with the Guerrilla Marketing mindset. In both my professional and personal life, I have always strived to make everything I touch faster, better and stronger. I was an early adopter in understanding the value of social media and content marketing for businesses. I think that this scrappy underdog mindset has stuck with me and has made me who I am today as a marketer. I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions, and I am always open to exploring new ideas and ways of thinking.

When I’m not jamming away on Google AdWords or scheduling posts on Facebook, I’m a wife, mother and all-around lover of life! To say I live a vibrant life would be a dramatic understatement!!! In my free time you’ll find me enjoying the outdoors: gardening, fishing, horseback riding… anything to get outside and moving. My favorite things are tacos, leopard print, rap music and fast cars. I live in De Pere with my two children and husband. I love the sense of community and all of the great shops and places to visit. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to read our blog! Erin will take it from here.

Meet Erin Minsart

“Organized. Efficient. and Authentic” These are the first words of my bio and one of the first things you’ll notice about me. I’ve been a “project manager” my entire life and those close to me will say my middle name is “I get shit done”! I love crossing things off a list and finishing a project almost as much as I love how truly great marketing can tell a story and connect with people in an emotional way. Marketing is second nature to me, and while I’d love to simply watch a commercial or be served an online ad and take it at face value, that’s just not how I work. I evaluate the creative and strategy, and start a conversation about it with my husband, because I just can’t help it. (Sorry Tim!)

When I’m not working, it probably now makes sense that I turn to nature and unplug. I love to hike, bike, stand-up paddle-board and scuba dive. The ocean truly is my second home and there’s something very powerful about being out of your element, and scuba diving has also taught me I’m capable of so much more than I thought. My favorite things are my husband, my dog, pizza, coffee, vodka and Classic Coke – Mexican variety please! I’m thrilled to be launching Fresh Digital Marketing with Jamie, and I’m so proud of what she and I have made a reality in just six weeks! Owning a business was one of the reasons I went back to school to get my MBA, and to see that happen two years later is pretty awesome. Anyway, enough about us. We can’t wait to meet YOU!!



Welcome to Fresh Perspectives

May 8, 2017