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Google AdWords is a strategic way for businesses to drive traffic to their website, promote brand awareness, sell goods and services and ultimately increase profits. With Google having 77% of the search engine market, which is a 10% growth since last year, it’s clear that Google AdWords can deliver the impressions (eyeballs on your ad). However, understanding how to effectively create and manage an AdWords campaign is not so simple. (Smart Insights, 2017) By understanding how Google AdWords works, the importance of AdWords management and when to ask for AdWords help from an expert you will be able to make the most strategic decisions and allocations based on your digital marketing goals and budget.

How Does AdWords Work

In a nutshell, you begin by creating ads based on your product or service offerings. These ads are part of what’s called an ad group. From here, you assign keywords (relevant words or phrases) to the ad group that will determine which ads to show when these words or phrases are searched for. The ad groups become part of the overall AdWords campaign, and this is where the targeting and budget are set. Sounds pretty simple, right?

When a person then searches using your selected keywords, he or she will see both organic and paid results that best match the keywords. Paid results will appear at the top and bottom of the page, whether or not your prospects will see your ad depends on the bid and quality score of the ad. Bid refers to what you’re willing to pay for each click in relation to your competitors, (Remember you’re in an auction with your competition) and quality score is an estimation of how relevant both your ad and landing page are to that particular search. (A landing page is where your prospect goes after he or she clicks your ad.) From here, if your ad gets clicked, you are charged for it, which is why it’s called pay-per-click. If your ad does not get clicked, you pay nothing. Starting to sound more confusing, right?

Google does a great job explaining this:


The Key to Success is AdWords Management

The absolute key to a successful AdWords campaign is careful and consistent monitoring and management. It’s not as simple as flipping a switch and the leads start coming in. Successful AdWords management is the result of training, experience and a commitment to staying current with the technology and tools needed. What keywords are performing, what bids should be adjusted based on performance, what extensions should you use to maximize your budget…Auctions, Algorithms and Metrics, OH MY!

When To Hire an AdWords Expert

If you’re feeling overwhelmed reading this, then it’s definitely time to hire an expert! If you’re feeling intrigued to learn more, Google offers great, free resources to learn more, but the key takeaway here is time. Learning AdWords takes time and getting proficient at managing a campaign takes even more time – and that’s just learning. Managing the campaign and understanding your monthly metrics adds more time. Where is your time best spent? We always suggest that you outsource your pay-per-click advertising, and not just because we make a living doing it. It’s because we understand it’s better pay to have something done right than waste time and money doing it unsuccessfully. Leveraging strengths is at the heart of how we do business and we’d love to help you drive more leads with your AdWords campaign and also give you more time back to focus on your core business and doing what you love. Take advantage of our free marketing evaluation to learn more!


Why Does My Business Need Google AdWords Help?

July 21, 2017