Fresh Digital Social Media Boot Camp

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a Social Media Boot Camp to our training offerings to help our clients elevate their social media game with a road map to success and a customized plan that’s tailored to their needs and schedule! This intensive social media training program will give participants the skills and tools to confidently and strategically manage their social media efforts.

In talking to our clients and prospects, we realized there was an immediate need for a social media marketing class that focused on the heart of social media marketing, regardless of site or industry, that provided a solid foundation for success. Putting the algorithm, technology and nuances aside, a business or brand must first have a clear understanding of the basics.

Social Media 101

  • Time Management
  • Planning a comprehensive strategy that covers the entire scope of your offerings
  • Finding a balance between promotional, sales-based posts and engagement-focused posts
  • Finding your “voice” on social media
  • Social storytelling
  • Targeting and reaching your most valuable prospects


In addition to these core social media components, participants will also receive valuable takeaways they can use for reference, planning, organization, learning and networking.

Social Media Tools & Resources

  • Personalized blueprint for easy reference
  • Digital social media planning calendar
  • Organizational suite to most efficiently manage and share your calendar, copy, links and digital assets
  • Lifetime access to our private, social media group for additional, self-paced tutorials, thought starters and peer connections

Social Media Training

Learning is broken down into two modules, designed for a solid understanding before moving to strategy and execution, because we want our clients to understand the importance of why they are doing something before they move to the “how.” We also know that time is valuable and that everyone learns at his or her own pace so we’ve developed three different pacing options for learning:



We love to be able to help our clients learn and become successful, and this Social Media Boot Camp is a valuable opportunity to make sure you’re doing the right things for social media success. Social media marketing can be very overwhelming, and that’s one of the reasons we are so excited to be able to offer a highly personalized social media training that provides a strong foundation for success and also the opportunity for continued learning with our private Facebook group. For $299, you get 1:1 coaching from us and a personalized blueprint to your success. You’ll also have lifetime access to our Facebook group where we’ll share ideas, answer questions and offer weekly thought starters to supercharge your game, forever!

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Introducing: Fresh Digital Social Media Boot Camp

August 24, 2017