Google recently shared some exciting announcements during the Google Marketing Live 2018: Marketing Innovations Keynote. These changes have been designed to provide a better results, a simpler experience and stronger collaboration across all Google Marketing and Google Ads products, and ultimately drive better results. Today, we’re going to talk about the changes to YouTube, and how YouTube video advertising now drives performance in all stages of the conversion funnel! So what does that mean? Let’s start with a quick rundown on what a conversion funnel is.

A conversion funnel, or sales and marketing funnel, describes the process to attract prospects and guide them to take some desired action, most typically to purchase goods or services. In a nutshell, this is where you take a prospect from being a “stranger” to becoming a customer and ultimately a brand advocate that praises and shares your brand. While there are many variations of the conversion funnel, the function is the same– to drive actions.

In our marketing strategies, we use a conversion funnel that focuses on answering the questions your prospects have to naturally move them through the funnel from brand awareness to becoming a repeat customer. By answering these questions for your prospects you are keeping them at the heart of your marketing by providing helpful, valuable insight and keeping them engaged in the process.


Fresh Digital Marketing_Conversion Funnel


Now that we know a bit more about a conversion funnel, how does this all tie in with the changes to YouTube? With 1.9B users monthly, there’s no denying that YouTube is where we go for entertainment and information. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or a tutorial on home repair, YouTube is the leader in providing relevant and results driven content. From a marketing perspective, YouTube educates, inspires and informs purchase decisions, both big and small, to drive qualified leads and sales. Here’s how the changes to YouTube now drive performance in all stages of the conversion funnel:


YouTube_TrueView_3 Faceted approach


Top of Funnel (awareness)

Optimized for efficient reach, TrueView for reach helps raise brand awareness by casting a broad net. It brings together YouTube’s primary format with the simplicity of impression based buying. TrueView for reach can help you to raise awareness among a broad set of customers within YouTube’s 95% viewable and 95% audible environment.


YouTube_TrueView Discovery Ads


Middle of Funnel Objectives (consideration)

The new maximize lift bidding strategy will use Google machine learning to help reach people who are more likely to consider your brand after seeing your ad. Not only will this help shorten the purchase cycle, but it also drives the most consideration possible for your campaign by delivering your ad to the most interested and relevant audience. With real time metrics, brand lift measurement will give you the data you need to make informed and strategic marketing decisions. (Maximize lift will be available later this year.)


Bottom of Funnel (conversion/purchase)

TrueView for action is optimized to drive conversions on your website. With TrueView for action, a prominent call to action (CTA) and branded banner are tailored for your specific goal. This banner displays during and after your ad, making it easier for people to respond to your call to action. This tool will be even more powerful when paired with tools like Google’s custom intent audiences. This means you can reach a custom audience with a relevant message, right when they’re ready to buy!  


YouTube_TrueView_In Stream Ads


Later this year, Google will introduce different formats within TrueView for action to generate leads directly from video ads, making it even easier for people to follow through with your call to action. These formats, like Lead Ads, will help drive action via CTA’s which consumers can complete without even leaving YouTube. YouTube Lead Ads will combine the reach of the world’s most popular video platform with Google’s audience targeting capabilities to give you the ability to capture the contact information of valuable prospects without asking them to click through to a website to fill out a form.


YouTube TrueView for Action


TrueView for reach and TrueView for action formats are available now. The maximize lift bidding strategy will be available later this year.  All three will be available across the Google Marketing and Google Ads platforms.

We’re so excited about these changes to YouTube to provide a full funnel solution that moves customers seamlessly through the entire purchase journey. Like Google, we believe that marketing should be consumer and results driven. Delivering a relevant message to your audience is critical to capturing attention and converting them to becoming your paying customers and ultimately your brand advocates.

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Changes to YouTube Drive Video Advertising Performance

July 19, 2018