Hello, I’m David Nibbs and I’m a B2B technology copywriter, content writer, and digital marketer.


As a member of the Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers (MInstSCVE), I have over 40 years of industry experience in the design and sales of professional audio-visual installation projects – and 20 of those were with my own Companies.


So that’s provided me with 40 years’ worth of B2B technology sales and marketing experience too!



I write online content that helps businesses improve their results.


Writing is what I love to do so all of the sales copy and content writing for Sound & Vision Marketing is done by yours truly. I consider my writing style to be friendly, engaging, often enlightening, and sometimes amusing!


I write it like you say it… It’s called ‘conversational copywriting‘ and it’s a far better style of writing for these days where people can spot the ‘hard sell’ a mile off!

Digital Marketing:

It was always my aim to provide a full done-for-you service. Too often and for example, you find that a website designer won’t have anything to do with creating all the words for your brand new pride and joy. Conversely, a copy/content writer says that he just writes all the words for you, and getting it designed and all put together is someone else’s responsibility.


Sound & Vision Marketing changes all that. We provide you with a one-stop-shop for almost all elements of online marketing, combining the creative with the technical.


Ready, willing, and very able to work with you, and for you, I have a team of associates who are authorities in their own skill sectors. They are all specialists in their own fields and we work closely together to provide you with our ‘Best of Both Worlds’ solution. I’ve carefully selected every one of them so I know I can rely on them – which means you can too.


And I’m not just in it for a bit of commission!… If your marketing requirements are purely ‘digital’, I’m still there to liaise with you and the specialist the entire time we’re working for you. I’m personally involved throughout to make sure that you’re 100% happy with everything we’re doing for you.

Fancy a chat?…