Social Media Banner & Profile Makeovers

LinkedIn Banner Designs and Profile Makeovers –
for you or your business


A LinkedIn page for your business is good to have to maintain online presence but a well-designed personal one will have much more impact.


So stand out from the crowd on your LinkedIn page with a properly designed banner – rather than those random geometric shapes on a blue background!


Include a head and shoulders photo (no holiday snaps!) plus your business logo and other relevant content so that visitors can get an almost instant idea of what you do.

Your LinkedIn profile gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about the benefits you and your business can offer, providing them with the perfect solutions and services to solve their problems.


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Banner Designs and Profile Makeovers


Similar to our makeover services for LinkedIn, we’ll design these ‘front pages’ with what’s in tune and what’s required for these other social media channels.


When correctly designed, your social media profile will act as a magnet for people searching for exactly what you offer and what you can do for them.



Social Media Banner & Profile Makeover Prices:

Two options are available here. The first is to upgrade the artwork in any of your social media channel banners. The second is to provide you with a full profile makeover.

Social media banner artwork upgrade – £125 per channel. Social media banner artwork and written profile upgrade – £295 per channel.

All prices are plus VAT.


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