On-Location Video Production

Video marketing has seen a huge increase in both popularity and impact over the last few years. Many Companies both large and small are now utilising different aspects of video – from ‘talking heads’ and video testimonials to creative adverts to help market their products and services.

Video is an effective tool for generating more traffic to your website as well helping to boost your search engine rankings.

Good video content means that people will spend far longer on your website rather than clicking off and away to others.

On YouTube alone, there are 5 billion views every single day, which means there’s potentially a lot of people out there who you could help or sell to.

With our partner agency, we offer a whole range of video services including live action filming. These productions include content for online live streaming, promotional films for websites and product or software demonstration videos.

So this isn’t as scary as it sounds!…

Our video production partners will initially visit your office to discuss the concept of video production, getting to know all those that will be featured on camera. In a relaxed manner, the script or pre-arranged questions and answers will be agreed upon so that when the big day arrives, the whole project is more like an on-screen chat rather than like a job interview!

The video shoot will take up to one day, using fully professional cameras, microphones and lighting.

The footage will subsequently be edited with captions and background music added so that a full production 90 second to three minute video is provided, along with shorter excerpts for use in Facebook advertising, etc.

We work with the video-only professionals who own television grade equipment so a totally professional result is guaranteed.


And our prices are not as high as you might imagine…

Full on-location video production packages are £2,995.00 (+ travel expenses and VAT)


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