Email Marketing

To give it a definition…


Email marketing is the use of emails to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients.


The content of such emails might be simple messages regarding offers, sales promotions or exclusive deals for subscribers. Or it might be an e-newsletter featuring updates on your business, your staff, your achievements and upcoming events that should be of interest to your clients and prospects. It’s all about keeping you uppermost in their mind.


For maximum effect, email marketing is usually based around a campaign of regular dispatches that are a balanced mix of non-salesy content as well as the more blatant special offer ones!

In the age of social media, email marketing still remains relevant as it’s inexpensive, highly targetable and your customers or prospects are far more likely to see your emails than your social media adverts.


An email is a highly targeted form of communication whereas a social media advert has less chance of being noticed. However, a mix of email and social media marketing is always the most recommended route to take to ensure that you ‘cover all bases’.


Here at Sound & Vision Marketing, we offer a full email content writing service and, as part of our Best of Both Worlds, we also provide you with the techy aspects of email marketing, setting up sequenced emails and autoresponders using specialist software.


​Sending out weekly emails to your database of customers, clients and prospects keep your business in the frame’. You’re regularly reminding them that you’re there to help – but without doing a sales pitch at every opportunity!


So let’s chat about your email marketing ideas.

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