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What It’s All About…

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) was founded in 2003 and has been one of the strongest and most successful online marketing pillars for every size of business ever since.

Google Ads are the three or four advertisements you see at the top of a Google search page, above the ‘normal’ website listings. There’s usually a bunch of them at the bottom of each search page too.

Those ‘normal’ or ‘organic’ listings are there as a result of Google rating the contents and relevance of pages on your website and deeming them as worthy of being featured.

On the other hand, Google Ads are there because your business pays Google every time someone clicks on one of your links.

Google charges you nothing to get the adverts up there in the first place, but they do so every time your advert is selected by the person searching for your product, service, or solution. That’s why it’s called Pay Per Click – or PPC for short.

To get ranked and have your website visible as an organic listing can take weeks or months using Search Engine Optimation (SEO) skills. Please click here to check out our SEO services.

However, getting Google Ads PPC listings placed is almost immediate!

By the way, if you’re looking for information about advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, please click on this link to head over to our Social Media Marketing page.


What We Do…

OK, so you recognise the immediate benefit that Google Ads could have on your business, bringing you targeted sales leads every day. But you’ve got your hands full with actually running the business itself and maybe you don’t want to take the time – or can’t afford the time – to learn about all the intricacies, tips, and tricks of what it takes to run a successful Google Ads campaign.

That’s no problem! Here at Fresh Digital Marketing, we can provide you with full month-by-month management of your entire Google Ads account.

We’ll create your account, build the campaigns, create ad groups, research keywords, and write the adverts.

We’ll then provide ongoing account management services, monitoring, measuring, tweaking, testing and improving so as to get you maximum return on investment.


And The Cost?…

Other agencies regularly charge maybe £500.00 for set-up plus £300.00 to £400.00 per month for their management services – and then sometimes add a fixed percentage of your advertising spend on top of that too.

Fresh Digital Marketing will provide you with an equally professional service for a set-up charge of £175.00 and then only £125.00 per month thereafter.

And there’s no minimum term contract either.

But don’t forget that you must allow for your advertising budget too!


How We Do It…

Fresh Digital Marketing’s Google Ads and Microsoft Ads Certified pay-per-click expert has 7 years of experience managing Google and Microsoft (Bing) ads across a range of industries.

First of all, we work with you to set up your Google Ads account if you don’t have one already,


We then build your advertising campaigns for your different types of product ranges, services, locations, or keyword match types.


These are then created for specific areas of the products or services being offered.


A full list of keywords and key phrases is then created to provide your website with maximum exposure. And we look at a wider range of potential key phrases than most to get you the top spot rankings without blowing your monthly budget on the most obvious ones!


And we then write and create your adverts for you. Google’s artificial intelligence will display the best ad copy for each search.


These can be created to target ads at specific demographics.


These increase the ‘real estate’ of your adverts on Google as well as displaying more of your key sales messages and USPs.


Campaigns can be created to target specific locations by town, city, or radius.


A schedule can be created so that your ads run on specific days or certain times of day to maximise your visibility and your budget.


All available methods of tracking will be implemented to record the number of conversions generated from your account. Actions that can be tracked include phone calls, form submissions, and email link clicks.


This will give you further insights into how visitors access your website and their behavior while there. Google Analytics can also be used to create new audiences to add to your Google Ads account.


Account Reviews and Reporting…

  • Your account will be reviewed and optimised after the first, second, and fourth week of running.
  • All metrics, including conversion rate, cost per click, and cost per conversion will be reviewed and adjusted where necessary.
  • Adjustments will be made for each area to maximise the number of conversions generated within your specified budget.
  • Along with our report, you will be sent a list of all the optimisations that have been carried out to increase the performance of your account.
  • Full reports will be sent to you every 30 days.
  • Here is an example excerpt of a monthly report:


Ongoing Account Optimisation…


Keyword bids are optimised and new keywords are added to increase search exposure.


From reviewing search query reports, negative keywords will be added to save you money.


Device bids will be optimised towards devices, driving performance.


Locations are added and bids are adjusted towards higher performing areas.


Bids are increased in favour of days and times driving the most conversions.


Audiences are added to target more profitable searches.



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